The Falaise Community Association (FCA) was formed in 1959, soon after the first homes were built in the area. It is Saanich’s smallest community association.

The purpose of the FCA is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Falaise Community. The Falaise Community is comprised of Falaise Drive, Falaise Crescent and the seven cul-de-sacs off those streets (Adeline Place, Deventer Drive, Falaise Place, Law Place, Royal Wood Court, Royal Wood Place, and Southover Lane).

The association represents the community’s interests on local issues and brings neighbours together to socialize. Neighbours who know each other can help each other in times of need.

The FCA is represented by a Board of Directors elected by residents at an annual general meeting. These representatives are governed by a constitution and set of bylaws that define their duties and obligations.

Residents support the FCA with an annual membership fee. The membership fee is used to support social and recreational activities, newsletters, this website, advertising of the annual garage sale, liability insurance for the directors and the association and beautification projects such as planting trees along the highway.

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