Bob Lucy

Bob Lucy
849 Falaise Cres.

Kyla Shauer

Members of the Executive:
The Executive of the Falaise Community Association presently has five directors. Some directors are nominated to fill special roles, such as president or secretary. The others represent the interests of the community and help in running the Association.

Bob Lucy, President and Treasurer
Bob and his wife Sue have lived in the neighborhood since 1985. For many years Bob owned a local pest control company. More recently he worked with the B.C. Ministry of Environment. Now retired, Bob is a beekeeper and is developing a food forest in his yard.




Stuart Macpherson, Director
Stuart Macpherson joined the board in the winter of 2018. He is a retired forestry and environmental consultant. He has worked across Canada and the USA providing environmental audit services to the forest sector. Stuart was also executive director of the Managed Forest Council BC for 7 years. Prior to moving to the Falaise neighbourhood in 2013 he raised his family in Gordon Head. For many years he was a leader for the 5th Cedar Hill Scouts. He enjoys the variety of walking trails and cycling opportunities the Falaise neighbourhood presents. He has recently taken on the role of park steward for Falaise Park and is passionate about restoring the park’s natural ecosystem. Stuart and Holly keep busy introducing their eleven grandchildren to the wonders of nature outdoors found in our local parks.




Mac Nanton, Director
Mac Nanton served as Secretary for 2 years previously and is now a Director with the FCA. He is married with three children, and spent most of his life in engineering, and latterly in real estate from which he has just retired. Mac and his wife have been hosting international students for the past 25 years which has been very enjoyable and memorable. This year my objective with the rest of our Association is to demonstrate to the government the crying need for noise attenuation measures adjacent to Falaise Drive, and which will lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life in our neighbourhood.




Carl Ross, Director
Carl Ross and his wife, Barbara, moved from Ottawa to Saanich in 2016 to escape the worst of the winter weather. Carl spent his career as a physicist working for the National Research Council. Since retiring in 2014, he continues to do some science on a contract basis and for fun. Carl and Barbara enjoy living in the Falaise area and have been warmly welcomed by the neighbours. Easy access to many hiking trails has been an unexpected bonus. Carl joined the Executive of the Falaise Community Association in 2017 with the hope that something could be done about the traffic noise that impacts the community. In the meantime, he is devoting some effort to establishing a web site for the Association.


Kyla Shauer, Director
Kyla Shauer is the newest member and the only woman on the Executive Board of the Falaise Community Association. (Any other women want to join?) She’s lived in Saanich most of her life and in the Falaise community since July 2013 (and she loves this neighbourhood the best). She recently graduated from UVic with a degree in Creative Writing and is writing her first novel. She loves coffee, thrift shopping, and her pets. She has a dog, LouLou, and a bunch of planted aquariums. She can be a bit shy (or lost in thought) so make sure to say “Hi” if you see her walking with LouLou in Falaise Park.