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Kyla Shauer

Members of the Executive:
The Executive of the Falaise Community Association presently has six directors. Some directors are nominated to fill special roles, such as president or secretary. The others represent the interests of the community and help in running the Association.

Cynthia Hawksworth

Cynthia Hawksworth became a member of the Falaise Community Association Executive in July 2019. She moved from the Maplewood area of Saanich to the Falaise Community in November 2018. Since then she has enjoyed getting to know the neighbourhood and community residents.
Cynthia has one adult son. Prior to retirement, she worked for 33 years for the government of B.C as a community and regional planner. Cynthia keeps fit by attending Jazzercise classes 5 or 6 mornings a week and hiking with her two rambunctious dogs. Since moving to her new home she has been busy renovating her house and garden. She’s looking forward to life in her new community.

Sandrine Lio

Sandrine Lio joined the FCA board in June 2019. She was born in France but has lived in Canada most of her life. She is a grandmother and a mother of two grown children. When she is not working, she volunteers at the SPCA, as she has a huge passion for the welfare of animals.
Sandrine has enjoyed living in the community for the past 18 years, though she is hopeful that something could be done about the traffic noise that impacts the community.

Bob Lucy, President
Bob Lucy is a backyard beekeeper and grows a variety of perennial food plants in what he hopes will eventually become a food forest. Last summer he completed a long-held dream of canoeing Great Central Lake and then hiking to Della Falls, the highest waterfall in Canada. This summer he hopes to canoe the Bowron Lakes.

Stuart Macpherson, Director
Stuart Macpherson joined the board in winter 2018. He is a retired forestry and environmental consultant and was the executive director of the Managed Forest Council BC. His work took him across Canada and the USA. Prior to moving to the Falaise neighborhood in 2013, he raised his family in Gordon Head. He was a leader at 5th Cedar Hill Scouts. He took on the role of park steward for Falaise Park under the auspices of Saanich Parks and is keen to restore the natural vegetation of the park. He enjoys the variety of walking trails and cycling opportunities in the neighborhood.

Mac Nanton, Registrar
Mac Nanton and his wife Marion have three children and five grandchildren scattered over the globe. Mac has served on the Board for some years. He is a Retired Professional Transportation Engineer who has worked in a number of provinces, lastly in BC where he worked extensively on the Vancouver Island Highway Project, including the Pat Bay Highway. His second career was in residential realty in Victoria, and he is now retired. He and his spouse have hosted UViC ESL students for the past 25 years which has been a most wonderful and rewarding cultural experience.

Carl Ross, Treasurer
Carl Ross and his wife, Barbara, moved from Ottawa to Saanich in 2016 to escape the worst of the winter weather. Carl and Barbara enjoy living in the Falaise area and have been warmly welcomed by the neighbours. Easy access to many hiking trails has been an unexpected bonus. Carl joined the Executive of the Falaise Community Association in 2017 with the hope that something could be done about the traffic noise that impacts the community. He has also established a web site for the Association.

Kyla Shauer, Secretary
Kyla Shauer joined the board in March 2018. She is a recent UVic grad. When not doing secretarial work to pay the bills, she is writing a novel and creating functional party decor. She spends her free time with her dogs, her video games, and doing communications for her church.

Stew Vinnels, Director
Joining the FCA Board in the fall 2018, Stew Vinnels and his wife Ann Brydon have four children and eight grandchildren and have lived on Southover Lane since 1996. While practicing dentistry from 1970 through retirement, Stew has been active, and continues as a principal, of residential and transportation development businesses. Active with the Glendale Lodge Society for many years, as a Director and Board Chair, Stew guided the 350 then Glendale residents into community based Group Homes while transitioning Glendale into its current high tech role.