Falaise Park

Falaise Park traffic monitoring

Residents living near Falaise Park have raised concerns regarding the number of vehicles that are violating the 30 km/hr speed limit. In response to these concerns, Saanich police have set up traffic monitors on two separate occasions. The reports are available online at http://www.saanichpolice.ca/index.php/public-information/neighbourhood-speed-reports  and they are reproduced below:

Traffic report from 2018

Traffic report from 2019

The Patrol Division of Saanich Police has concluded that these reports do not show that a large number of vehicles are violating the speed limit.

Falaise Park fence

A member of the FCA is concerned that the playground in Falaise Park is close to the street and there is no fence to prevent a child from suddenly darting into traffic. The issue was discussed at a meeting of the Executive and there was a general consensus that a fence near the playground would improve safety and that there should be a sidewalk running all along the park.

On April 26, 2018 the President of the FCA sent an email to the District of Saanich, with a copy to the FCA member which stated:


Last night the Falaise Community Association directors held a board meeting at which we discussed Chris’s concerns. It turns out that a few board members have heard similar concerns from various residents and that people living close to the park think that a sidewalk, fence or another type of barrier is desirable. The poor sight lines around the curve, people apparently driving over the 30 km/h speed limit and cars parked sometimes on both sides of the street make that area dangerous for pedestrians and especially so for young people who do not understand traffic and mobility impaired pedestrians who must walk on the pavement.

Thank you for initiating the investigation into the need and feasibility of the request.


A typical chain link fence will detract from the beauty of the park but a zig-zag cedar fence, similar to this one, would blend in with the environment and provide a sufficient barrier.