Media Coverage

Lot 855

Concerned residents and the FCA Executive made presentations to Saanich Council on March 4 regarding the rezoning of 855 Falaise Cr. One argument against the rezoning and subdivision was that four large Garry oaks would need to be removed. Stuart Macpherson was interviewed by Saanich News regarding the Garry oaks on and near this property.

Traffic noise and funeral parking

At the March 11 Saanich Council meeting, there were two presentations during the open forum on traffic noise and a formal, 10-minute presentation by the FCA Executive on traffic noise and parking on Falaise Drive during large funerals. Saanich Council supported an initiative to work with the province to find a solution. The motion was proposed by Councillor Brownoff and she was interviewed by Joe Perkins of CTV News:


CTV television filed a story on a possible noise abatement wall and interviewed both Councillor Brownoff and FCA President Bob Lucy:


Saanich News carried an article summarizing the decision by Saanich Council. It also included quotes by Councillor Plant and FCA President, Bob Lucy: