Elk Lake Dr.

Development proposal for Elk Lake Dr.

A proposal has been submitted to the District of Saanich to develop a 242-unit, multi-family project on Elk Lake Dr., just across the Pat Bay highway from Adeline Pl. Additional details are available here.

Elevation view of the proposed development.

FCA submission to District of Saanich

The District of Saanich asked the FCA if it wished to comment on the proposal. The Directors reached a consensus on sending the following letter to Saanich:

From: president@falaise.ca
Subject: Application for Development Folder No.: DPR00573; REZ00539
     To: planning@saanich.ca
     Cc: secretary <secretary@falaise.ca>

Dear Planning Department,

The Falaise Community Association has two major concerns about the development proposed at 4734-4754 Elk Lake Dr. based on experiences in our community. They are:

  *   The development will reflect additional highway noise towards our community. Our residents already find highway noise unacceptable. We request that the development be approved only if it includes implementing all necessary measures to ensure that it does not create any additional noise for our community.
  *   There will be inadequate parking. In our community, inadequate parking at the funeral homes means we experience parking in no-parking zones, restricted road width and pedestrians forced to walk in roadways. The information provided to us does not indicate the number of parking spaces that will be provided; it appears that there may be only eight visitor parking spaces.  Without adequate off-street parking, road safety and access to Beaver Lake Park will be negatively affected and we cannot support the development.

Additionally, we have some other concerns/improvements that we feel need to be addressed. These include:

  *   The buildings, especially at the north end, are considerably taller than others nearby and seem inappropriate for the area. Additionally, because of the height, they will impact the views some of our current residents enjoy from their homes. We feel a building height of no more than five stories would be more appropriate.
  *   In view of Saanich’s commitment to reduce risks associated with climate change, we believe that it is important that the buildings be build to very high “green” building standards (e.g., LEED Platinum and/or Passive House and/or Net-Zero). The current design does not appear to incorporate any way to collect solar radiation for hot water heating or electricity generation. The large underground parking area seems that it might be well suited to installation of a ground source heat pump. Have these things been considered/can they be included?
  *   The design needs to ensure that sufficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure be included so all vehicles can be charged on-site; it is conceivable that every suite will have an electric vehicle within 20 years.
  *   It appears that several large trees will need to be removed. It is a shame to lose so many trees in an urban area when trees provide so many services and are such an important way to help mitigate climate change.
  *   We question the wisdom of building residential structures so close to a major highway and asking residents to live with highway noise.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this proposal.

Bob Lucy
Falaise Community Association