Membership Form

Becoming a member of the Falaise Community Association allows you to vote on issues at the Annual General Meeting, participate as a volunteer or become a member of the Executive.

Members must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the Falaise Community.

The membership form that follows may be filled out online and will be sent to the treasurer when the “Submit” button is pressed.

If you would like to print the completed form, hit the printer icon at the bottom of the form BEFORE hitting the Submit button.

Select from the drop-down menu.
Make cheque payable to the Falaise Community Association. Either a cheque or cash may be dropped off at the treasurer's home, as indicated on the Contacts page. An e-transfer may be carried out in the usual way using Receipts will be provided.
An e-transfer requires that the sender submit a security question for which the recipient knows the answer. By posting the answer here, no separate email to the treasurer is required.